Air Cooling Services


All air cooling systems are designed to work on the basis of Evaporative Cooling systems. Such ventilation techniques are known for industrial ventilation which is done through air washers. Along with being efficient in performance, Air washers are an effective and economical way for fulfilling ventilation needs in factories, basements, warehouses and many more spaces.

It is also known for providing such cooling which is suitable for providing required cooling facilities which are comfortable for humans. Air washers facilitate fresh air in any space they are installed, that is why they are preferred over central air conditioning units. As central air conditioners re-circulates the same air again and again, that’s why air washers are more cost- effective. Air washers are also more advantageous as they require less amount of energy or power to operate as cooling is done through natural evaporation process.

Air Cooling Services

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Team of specialists

Our team of specialists have gained a lot of experience in the same industry and each of our designer or HVAC engineer has outstanding levels of expertise in their area.

After sales team

We also have a dedicated after sales team which makes sure that all the After service hassles are taken care of. They conduct periodic inspections of the site to make sure that our air washers are functioning smoothly.

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