HVAC Consultancy & Designing Services


Here is the list of our consultancy and designing services provided: ● Building survey and feasibility study: In order to do the load calculations, our team conducts research for finding out the required input details for the client. ● Concept Designs: A report of findings, options, evaluation criteria, recommended options, will be submitted by us. The design basis report will consist of load calculation, system selections, benefits of the proposed system, and much more. ● Budgetary Requirements: A prescribed budgetary limit will be proposed to the client for their project in the proposed report. ● Final design report: This final report will

HVAC Consultancy & Designing Services

  • Heating and Cooling Load Calculations
  • HVAC Systems
  • Duct layout

Heating and Cooling Load Calculations

HVAC Systems

The HVAC Design will comply with all applicable codes of the industry while providing the best design for the air conditioning, ventilation, and controls, considering the efficiencies, lifespan, operating and maintenance costs, energy rebates and/or grants, costs and schedules, etc.

Duct layout

The duct design will be laid out in such a way which will lead to maximum air transfers to every zone. These designs will include plenums, ductwork, blowers, diffusers, grills, dampers, control panels, etc, along with proper ventilation facilities and air change quantities for the building.

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