Ventilation Services


Ventilation needs are one of the most required areas of service that Sohum HVAC is known for delivering. As we all know that improper ventilation can mess up your cooling conditions and make it difficult for you to live comfortably.

Sohum HVAC is always there to provide your quick solutions and fixing services for your ventilation problems. No matter what kind of ventilation service you require, we are there to resolve all of them for you.

Ventilation Services

  • Commercial Kitchen Ventilation:
  • Industrial Ventilation:
  • Roof (Ceiling ) Ventilation:
  • Factory Ventilation:
  • Building Ventilation:
  • Warehouse Ventilation:
  • Pollution Control System:

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation:

Industrial Ventilation:

Ventilation needs for heavy industrial units are met by Sohum HVAC on a regular basis.

Roof (Ceiling ) Ventilation

Such ventilation requirements for commercial buildings or residential properties are fulfilled by us.

Factory Ventilation:

The complexity of factory ventilation systems are handled appropriately by the customers.

Building Ventilation:

Large commercial building ventilation needs are fulfilled by Sohum HVAC.

Basement Ventilation/ Parking Ventilation:

Building basements or parking require heavy ventilation which needs to be accurate and efficient. Our team of experts pay heed to every customer need and fulfill it in the best way possible.

Warehouse Ventilation

Warehouses need proper ventilation in order to keep the goods in standard condition. Such ventilation designs are made out very precisely for long lasting impact.

Pollution Control System:

Such systems are often required by commercial buildings or industrial units and such services are rendered by Sohum HVAC.

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