This air conditioning unit can be used for any residential as well as commercial air conditioning needs. Apart from providing consultations services, our experts will handle any kind of up- gradation and repair services requirements.

The main advantage of the unit is the availability of multiple types of indoor units in a single outdoor unit. It also works with an inverted scroll compressor that delivers more power saving to you.


VRV/VRF is a cutting-edge technology which is known for minimizing the consumption of power or electricity by controlling and regulating the refrigerant flow of liquid. Therefore, the life of the machine is prolonged along with increase in its efficiency according to the orientation, direction of the sun light and heat generating equipment.

  • Efficient:
  • No noise complaints:
  • Lesser space required:
  • Controlled temperature:
  • Less downtime:


No noise complaints

With its noisier condensing units placed outside, VRF system doesn’t make any annoying noise inside the premises. Move over traditional split cooling systems as VRF is much whiter with smaller indoor air handlers.

Lesser space required

Due to smaller air handlers and no need for duct, VRF systems need less space in your building or apartment to be installed.

Controlled temperature

VRF systems are designed to detect the cooling requirements in each area. Hence, it allows a precise amount of consistent cooling in every area without causing shivers or sweats anywhere.

Less downtime

Due to its unique design to operate only when needed and in partial- load situations, VRF system parts face less breakdowns. Even when one part of the air handler shuts down, other parts remain unaffected and continue to do the cooling.

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